Albania 2:1 Armenia player ratings

Berisha- 6/10– Wasn’t really tested and not at fault for the goal.

Agolli- 8/10– Best game from him for the NT. Was the only player that came to play in the first half and was whipping in beautiful crosses like it was nobody’s business. That’s probably more of a result of us playing hoofball and he was used less once we were playing more attacking football. Great game

Cana- 5/10– Worst game in a while. Largely responsible for the first goal and his long ball hoofing is ridiculous at times. He’s not a bad passer by any means but he ain’t Beckham either. Stick to your position although I’ll give him some slack as that midfield was atrocious.

Mavraj- 8.5/10– Technically gifted.. Sound positioning skills defensively, key stops and has a great attitude. More technical than any of the midfielders

Hysaj 6/10– Started off bad and looked a bit nervous. Was a bit shaky defensively in the start and his 1 v 1 defending needs some improvement. However, he continued attacking and went all out.

Memushaj 5/10– Didn’t think he was that bad and DB should never play him out wide. He clearly tries hard defensively and getting in offensive positions but he’s not that technically gifted. Shouldn’t be playing with three other holding midfielders and it makes his skillset obsolete…

Abrashi 4.5/10– TBH didn’t see anything from him today besides the missed header on goal from a foot out.. Didn’t stand out in a good or bad way?

Kukeli 4.5/10– Bit underwhelming for me. Lost some possession and doesn’t really put much in offensively. He’s a deep lying midfielder and I don’t think he was needed for this match.

Xhaka 6/10– Doesn’t stop running and he’s a “warrior”. Second half was much better than first and he won us some FKs. A bit limited technically but that’s not a problem for me as he atleast tries to press the issue

Roshi 5.5/10– Not his fault he got no touches. He’s a counter attacking player and Armenia just sat back making him obsolete. I don’t remember him having a bad touch either, he just wasn’t involved.

Cikaleshi 7.5/10– He was great. Didn’t stop running, when he had space he dribbled past the armenian defenders and created chances out of nothing. Was a handful and probably should have drawn a penalty

Lenjani 8/10– Great sub. Great burst of energy and creativity with his dribbling skills. Decision making needs some improvement but the talent is definitely there. Was taking it at those defenders and the game changed completely when he came in..
Gashi 8/10– Sub made too much sense. He was calm on the ball, pressed the issue and does what he does score.. Even played as a holding/creating player until salihi came on which forced him wide


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